Tuesday, 25 June 2013

State of the Blog

Hey fellow wargamers! My last posting is from October 2012 and I felt the need to change that ;-)

Why have I been so quiet the last year you ask? Well, there have been two main reasons. First, I moved to another city with my girlfriend which took some time and effort. Second, I finished my master thesis in March this year and passed my final exams in May. This took even more effort and discipline which left me hardly any time for the hobby.

What can you expect in the future on this blog? In my wargaming abstinence last year, I finally realized that big scale battles over hours and painting whole armies is pretty tiresome to me (plus, Games Workshop is finally starting to alienate me, too). I still want to paint single miniatures and small squads for fun but nothing more. I rather play smaller scale miniature games like the fantastic X-Wing Miniatures Game or Board Games like Game of Thrones, Chaos in the Old World or various Card Games (friends of mine are picking up Magic again... I don't think that I can dodge that bullet). So, expect reviews of board games I enjoy, tactics articles for X-Wing, a few battle reports and the occasional painted miniature and tutorial.

It took me a long time, but I am looking forward to writing articles for this blog again. Stay tuned and may the force be with you... (Yes, I am currently hooked on X-Wing... so what? ^^)

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